Minimal invasive Surgery

Recent advances in instrumentation and surgical technique have allowed surgeons to perform some total hip replacements through a much smaller skin incision than those used traditionally. This less-invasive procedure is called MIS – Minimally Invasive Surgery – and is intended to disrupt less of the muscle and tissue that surrounds the joint for optimal healing to get patients back to the activities of daily living.

The MIS hip procedure uses an incision of approximately 3-4 inches for total hip replacement – about one-third the size of the commonly used 8-12 inch incision. Special instrumentation allows for the small incision to be used.

The exact same joint prostheses are implanted as those used in a conventional total hip replacement. The potential advantages of the MIS hip procedure include:

  • The potential for less or no narcotics during the procedure.
  • The potential for less operative pain.
  • The potential for less blood loss.
  • The potential for faster healing time.
  • The potential for easier rehabilitation.
  • A smaller, more cosmetically appealing incision.

In clinical evaluation, surgical results using MIS total hip replacement in over 100 cases clinically demonstrated that this method does minimize tissue damage, increasing the potential for optimal muscle function postoperatively.

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